Sky Bound: Part 2 - When Girls Play

Channel: When Girls Play

Scarlett Sage is making a special and sweet treat for the new girl’s big wing ceremony, and boy, is she taking it seriously. But Jane Wilde, her angelic roommate, is being incredibly distracting as she dances around the kitchen, shaking her cute ass for all it’s worth. Scarlett gives Jane a piece of her mind, but instead of giving her a verbal throw down, Scarlett accidentally knocks a jar of icing onto the new girl's soon-to-be angel wings, destroying them. Jane insists that they hide the wings to avoid getting caught, but good-hearted Sophia argues that they should wash them, instead. Jane is worried that washing the wings will get them caught, so she distracts Scarlett from the issue in the best way she can: seduction. The girls get down to it in the kitchen, playing with and eating each other’s pussy, scissoring and kissing. And let me tell you, there is no sight more lovely than the sight of two angels fucking.