[12/12/2018] - Full Body Massage Episode 3 - My Masseuse And Me - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

Gorgeous brunette Petra F strips naked, ready for her session with sexy masseuse Sabrisse, as episode three of Nik Fox’s erotic movie series Full Body Massage begins. She perches on the massage table wrapped in a towel until Sabrisse removes it – revealing her big natural breasts – and gets her to lie face down and relax. The masterful masseuse looks so demure with her hair up in a ponytail as she caresses the full length of her client’s body, before pouring oil on her back and massaging it into her silky-smooth skin. Petra sighs with pleasure as Sabrisse kneads her back and trails her magic hands over her ass, working the oil into her cheeks and crack, and running her fingertips tantalizingly over her puckered hole. Sabrisse instructs Petra to roll onto her back and she repeats the process to her front, massaging the oil into her beautiful breasts, causing her nipples to stiffen rapidly. As Sabrisse’s oily hands glide over Petra’s slick body, she leans forward and starts kissing her passionately, slipping a hand between her legs and working her fingers in and out of her shaved pussy’s glistening folds. Petra floats in a dreamy state between relaxation and arousal, but she snaps out of her blissful trance when Sabrisse takes off her tight yoga pants and straddles her on the table. The horny masseuse pours oil over her top and rubs her body against Petra’s, stroking her pussy as she writhes on top of her. She gets naked, her tanned body shining with oil, and goes down to finger-bang Petra’s slick slit. Turning around into a sixty-nine, Sabrisse grinds her pretty pussy down on Petra’s mouth, moaning out her pleasure as her new lover’s tongue dips inside her. Petra goes face down, ass up for Sabrisse to frig her to orgasm, then makes her irresistible masseuse climax on her slippery fingers, leaving them both smiling and sated.