[09/26/2019] - Rogue Trader - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

Cute blonde Lika Star is busy in her workshop, as Sandra Shine’s erotic movie Rogue Trader begins. She’s interrupted by the arrival of adorable brunette Evelina Darling, who pushes her broken-down scooter into the garage. Evelina watches with interest as the pretty mechanic works on her bike, then kisses her spontaneously. Lika is surprised and nervous at first, but soon responds to the sweet kisses as Evelina pushes her against a wall, squeezes her lovely small breasts and pulls off her overalls. She slides a hand into Lika’s white lace panties, then tugs them aside and kneels to lick her shaved pussy. Lika rocks her hips to ride the powerful sensations as Evelina’s enthusiastic tonguing drives her wild. She’s eager to try it for herself now, stripping her new friend naked and sucking her diamond-hard nipples, lapping at her clit to give her an intense orgasm.