[12/21/2018] - Erotic Inspiration Episode 3 - Warm Down - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

Horny writer Alyssa Reece has intense sexual thoughts during her daily run, as episode three of Sandra Shine’s hot movie series Erotic Inspiration begins. When she comes across gorgeous blonde Angelika Greys engrossed in stretching after her run, they flirt and Alyssa tells her new friend about her book and how she has a thing for European girls. Back at Alyssa’s apartment the brunette beauty pins sweet Angelika to the couch and showers her with kisses, popping her breasts out of her sports top and sucking hard on her stiff nipples. She peels off Angelika’s tight yoga pants, yanks her panties aside and laps voraciously at her shaved pussy. Angelika fondles her own breasts, gasping with pleasure as Alyssa licks her skilfully. She flips onto her front with her peachy ass up and Alyssa kisses her ass cheeks, then buries her face between them and rims her tight pucker while simultaneously finger-fucking her pussy. The luscious blonde shudders as jolt after jolt of sexual electricity fires through her body and she’s swept up in a fierce climax. Now Angelika want a taste of Alyssa, licking her hard nipples and puffy clit and fingering her until she’s moaning through a powerful orgasm of her own. As they kiss adoringly, Alyssa’s satisfied smile suggests this latest encounter will prove the perfect inspiration for the next chapter of her erotic novel.