[03/08/2019] - Reflections Episode 4 - Distracting - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

Cute brunette Leyla Fiore studies herself in the mirror, naked, as episode four of Sandra Shine’s erotic series Reflections begins. As she pulls on her lace lingerie, gorgeous Lovenia Lux comes into the bedroom and starts touching up her make-up. The girls give each other flirtatious glances, before Lovenia reaches out and grabs her friend’s sexy ass. Leyla joins her on the bed and they watch themselves in the mirror as they kiss passionately. Straddling her lover, Lovenia pulls off her bra and squeezes her big breasts, sucking her nipples, before kissing her way down to her shaved pussy. She laps at her big puffy clit, Leyla holding the mirror so she can see as well as feel what her girlfriend is doing to her. Lovenia positions her in front of the full-length mirror and rubs her clit rapidly, making her orgasm. Leyla lies back so Lovenia can straddle her face, licking her smooth slit until she climaxes with a loud cry of pleasure.