The Hands-On Approach - Girlsway

Channel: Girlsway

Casey Calvert is overseeing the prep work for an upcoming scene that she's directing. However, she seems to be stricter than normal, which the day's performers, Mackenzie Moss and Kira Noir, notice. They're concerned for their director, but continue to get ready to be in front of the camera.When it comes time to shoot the intimate scene, Mackenzie and Kira try their best, although are interrupted a few times by Casey for notes. There is tension between the women as Mackenzie and Kira try to follow Casey's orders, even if they're not entirely sure where Casey is coming from. Even when it comes to the kissing portion, Casey has something to say. However, instead of explaining further, she decides to SHOW them what she wants by kissing them both in turn.Mackenzie and Kira are pleasantly surprised. In fact, Kira dives back in for seconds! Since they both want even more of Casey, they ask Casey to show them more so that they can REALLY capture her vision. Casey easily agrees with the suggestion as she guides the girls through the scene. To Mackenzie and Kira's delight, Casey even intimately shows them how she wants the sex done! Mackenzie and Kira are eager to please, wanting their director to relax and have some fun. Even as they dive into Casey's pussy, she dutifully keeps her camera running to hone in on the perfect shot. Can Mackenzie and Kira make Casey put down the camera to lose herself in the heat of moment?Story provided by our very own Girlsway director, Casey Calvert!