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Penny Pax, the neighborhood gossip, just 'happens' to be looking out her window into Casey Calvert's yard when she sees something scandalous: Casey kissing a woman goodbye and seeing her off! The thing is, Casey's married to a man and this just doesn't sit well with Penny. What will the neighbors think if they were to find out about the affair??Penny marches over to Casey's house and is let in by Casey, although Casey is wary about what's going on. Once inside, Penny reveals that she knows about the affair and that she's just worried for Casey! With so many nosy neighbors around, it'd be a shame if rumors started flying.Although Casey's annoyed by Penny, who clearly doesn't see that SHE'S the nosy neighbor, she IS intrigued by how flustered Penny is. Now that she has her chance to turn the tables, she takes it, starting to seduce Penny. Hasn't Penny ever stepped out of her comfort zone to try something a little daring? A little risque?Penny becomes even more flustered as Casey touches her hand and gives her bedroom eyes. She tries to resist, not wanting to be part of the scandal herself, but there's a secret desire burning deep down inside that she can't keep hidden anymore. Although it takes some more coaxing, she finally gives into Casey's allure after Casey assures her that it'll be their little secret.Even as Casey starts stripping down, Penny is still a bit shy at first. Yet, it doesn't take long before Casey convinces her to let loose and have a bit of fun. As Penny writhes with pleasure with Casey's fingers and tongue inside her pussy, it seems as though being a nosy neighbor really does pay off!