Give Love Another Chance - Girlsway

Channel: Girlsway

Danae Mari sees her stepdaughter Gia Dibella looking upset, and asks what's wrong. Gia says that she just broke up with her girlfriend, Erin Everheart. Danae is sympathetic, holding Gia close to her as she strokes Gia's hair and rubs her back, trying to comfort her. Eventually, Danae asks why the breakup happened, but Gia is evasive about it. Danae doesn't pry too much, but seems to get an idea.Later that day, Danae surprises Gia by inviting Erin over, hoping to help the teens reconcile. Things are awkward between the teens, and we see a hint that Erin is attracted to Danae. That's when the truth comes out: the reason why the teens broke up is because Erin has a crush on Danae, so it was making things awkward! Danae is surprised, but starts to fall for Erin's flirtatious charms.Gia is in shock that Danae and Erin are flirting right in front of her, but Erin says that she still has feelings for Gia too... Erin likes BOTH of them, so maybe things could work out if they ALL try being together. Danae likes the idea and encourages Gia to join in, leading to a fun and steamy threesome!