Stuck Indoors Together - Girlsway

Channel: Girlsway

Cadence Lux is ready for her vacation, though she arrives at her lodging only to discover a stranger, Serena Blair, sitting on the couch. It looks like the place was double-booked! Although they're complete strangers, they make the most of the situation and agree to share the space since they'll be out of each other's hair, anyway.Unfortunately for them, Mother Nature has other plans. An unexpected rainstorm rolls in and keeps the girls housebound. Although they're shy of each other at first, they gradually become closer as the days pass by. While they read books and play cards, a bond starts to form between them, and they even cast each other fond looks when the other isn't looking.Finally, while watching a horror movie together, they find themselves in each other's arms. The shyness gives way to passion as they gaze into each other's eyes and come together in an experimental kiss. Maybe it's cabin fever, but Cadence is inexplicably drawn to Serena and wants to taste her...The sound of rain against the window soon fades away, replaced with moans and cries of pleasure as the girls eat each other's pussies out. As they let out all of their pent-up energy and sexual tension towards each other, it seems like this double-booking's the best thing that ever could have happened!