So Sweet, So Sexy! - Euro Girls on Girls


DDF veteran Victoria Sweet welcomes newcomer Anneli to the livingroom and into her sweet, sweet world! We start things right off with these hotties both clad only in white lacy lingerie and heels matching their blonde and brunette tresses. They spend some time sensually kissing and admiring each other’s beautiful bodies, getting more turned on each minute. Checking out the situation herself, Anneli slips her hand down between Victoria’s legs to search for the wetness and starts rubbing her underneath her panties. Taking off Anneli’s bra, Victoria starts sucking on her tits while rubbing her ass, giving it a couple good smacks. Then they both take turns in doggy on the couch while the other gets busy licking and fingering away from below and behind. You’ll especially love seeing Victoria lapping up Anneli’s pink lips like a dog to a water bowl! And you know these Czechs really know how to sex things up a notch when they bring out the hot pink dildos. They take turns showcasing their blowjob skills on each other’s toys before using them on each other. Victoria gets her clit stimulated with the ol’ bunny ears, while Anneli gets her shaved pussy pummeled with a thick one, each one sucking off each other’s juices off afterwards. Oh to have a taste of that! After some serious cunnilingus and toy pumping action in 69, they end sweetly caressing each other’s beautiful bodies. So sweet!