Sultry Sensations - When Girls Play

Channel: When Girls Play

Quickies can be fun, but girlfriends, Molly and Marilyn, want to take their time for the ultimate romantic afternoon delight! The babes have prepared their boudoir by strewing rose petals over the bed, and they've dressed in satin robes that get them in the right sensual frame of mind for a long, leisurely lovemaking session. Molly lies on the bed as Marilyn oils up her curvy body, rubbing her hands over her lover's tits, ass, and long, luscious legs in a slow massage that's totally teasing before finally giving her pussy the attention she's been craving! Molly turns the tables with tantalizing caresses of her own, and the beauties luxuriate in the feel of each other's bodies, and, of course, their multiple big O's!