Scrambled Seduction, Scene #01 - WebYoung

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73968 - Violet Starr excitedly lets her friend, Freya Parker, into the house to hang out. As they settle down together, it's revealed that Freya's brought a new tile-based game for them to play. Although Violet's never heard of it before, she's down!But as they start playing, Freya starts to become suspicious about Violet's intentions. While Freya puts down more innocent words, like 'CANDY,' Violet puts down more suggestive words like 'PUSSY.' When Freya calls Violet out on it, Violet is mischievous as she insists that she doesn't mean for them to be taken sexually....After a few more naughty words, it becomes too obvious to ignore and Freya rolls her eyes. Violet then grins as she sidles close to Freya, boldly coming onto her... Although Freya's surprised at first, she soon can't resist having a little 'FUN!'

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