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72399 - Dr. Hauser (Laney Grey) welcomes Natalia Nix to her office. Natalia is visibly surprised by Dr. Hauser's youthful appearance, her eyes widening in shock. Immediately, Natalia shakes her head and apologizes for staring. Dr. Hauser laughs it off, assuring Natalia that she is used to those types of stares, since she is aware that she looks VERY young to be a therapist. Natalia admits that it did throw her off a bit. She's 19 and Dr. Hauser looks even YOUNGER than her. Dr. Hauser says that she's ALSO 19. They chat briefly about how a person as young as 19 could possibly become a therapist. Dr. Hauser says that she was somewhat of a prodigy. Natalia seems a little thrown off in general by Dr. Hauser's age as Dr. Hauser suggests that they start the session.Natalia is there because she needs help with commitment issues that she's having. As she talks about only having been in one committed relationship before, hints of Dr. Hauser's age begin to show.Finally, Natalia grows exasperated and confronts Dr. Hauser about being too young to be an effective therapist. But when Dr. Hauser makes a smart observation, her words finally begin to resonate with Natalia. As Natalia begins to trust Dr. Hauser, the doctor speculates that Natalia is having trouble committing because she isn't interested in men.Natalia initially denies Dr. Hauser's diagnosis, but eventually admits that she's right. Dr. Hauser tells Natalia that there's a way that she can HELP Natalia embrace who she is, laying a hand suggestively on Natalia's leg. Dr. Hauser is certainly a hands-on therapist!

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