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71384 - Scarlit Scandal and Aften Opal arrive at Alexis Tae's house. The three of them are supposed to work on a school presentation together, however there appears to be tension between Scarlit and Aften... because they both like Alexis! As the three teens start working on the school project, Scarlit and Aften compete for Alexis' attention, offering her neck massages and foot rubs. But there doesn't seem to be a clear winner, because Alexis acts receptive to BOTH their advances.When Alexis excuses herself to get some chips, Scarlit and Aften confront each other. However, Scarlit and Aften gradually realize they shouldn't be mad at each other, but at Alexis since she's leading them on! After Alexis returns, Scarlit and Aften confront her about it. Alexis admits that she had no idea she was leading them on -- she just liked their attention. She asks for forgiveness, and Scarlit and Aften say they will, ONLY if she dates them -- separately. Alexis agrees.They start off by trying to decide what days of the week they both can have Alexis, but things get confusing. Aroused by their bickering, Alexis suggests that they all have sex together to figure it out. Scarlit and Aften agree. They have sex, with Scarlit and Aften still trying to figure out how to split Alexis 50/50. In fact, they incorporate it into the sex acts, with Scarlit pleasuring Alexis' lower half, and Aften touching and kissing Alexis' upper half! Finally, they agree to share Alexis, which leads to a steamy threesome, with lots of licking and fondling for all. Looks like everyone's a winner here!

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