[11/23/2018] - Vine 2 Episode 3 - Naughty Nymphs - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

Sexy Sarah Cute and Asian beauty Katana get amorous while tending the grape crop at Tina Kay’s vineyard, as episode three of Sandra Shine’s erotic movie series Vine 2 begins. Hiding from their boss, Sarah pushes Katana up against the tractor, and they kiss voraciously as she exposes and sucks on the raven-haired darling’s pert breasts. Katana whisks off her top, and Sarah tugs down her white panties and runs the tip of her tongue up and down the tight slit of her hairless pussy. The beautiful blonde kisses and eats Katana’s soaked pussy, making her tug on her own stiff nipples, moaning with pleasure. Moving to the back of the tractor trailer, Katana lies naked with her legs open wide, allowing Sarah easy access to her pussy. Sarah wastes no time in splaying Katana’s fleshy folds and probing with her tongue. The intensity of Sarah’s oral pleasuring soon has her fuck buddy’s body juddering uncontrollably, in the grip of an intense orgasm. Eager to reciprocate, she strips Sarah naked, fondling her perfect breasts with one hand as she frigs her shaved pussy with the other, pausing only to slip her sticky fingers into Sarah’s mouth so she can savor her own flavor. Now Katana wants to taste her too, flickering her tongue rapidly over Sarah’s clit and licking her deeply, driving her to a climax that makes her tremble. As they kiss through the afterglow, they are spotted by Tina and her prospective buyer, Stefany Moon; lucky for them, considerate boss Tina decides to leave them to their fun undisturbed.