[04/05/2019] - Take The Shot - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

After beating her at pool, sexy redhead Elin Flame demands a kiss from gorgeous blonde Ivy Rein, as Sandra Shine’s erotic movie Take The Shot begins. Their hands roam all over each other as they embrace passionately. Ivy leads Elin to the couch, pulling down her top to caress her beautiful breasts, then unbuttoning her tight shorts and stripping her naked. Spreading Elin’s long legs, Ivy eats her shaved pussy avidly, making her gasp and moan. The blonde sweetheart pauses to undress, revealing her stunning curvy ass, before licking Elin’s puffy clit as she fingerbangs her to a powerful orgasm. The petite redhead kisses her own flavor from her lover’s lips before guiding her to straddle her face. Looking up into Ivy’s pretty blue eyes, Elin eats her shaved pussy skilfully, then pushes her back on the couch to make her cum like crazy.