[09/20/2019] - Summer Love - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

Gorgeous brunettes Alyssa Reece and Sarah Cute stroll through the fields hand in hand, kissing and fooling around, as Sandra Shine’s erotic movie Summer Love begins. Exploring a ruined building, they embrace passionately; Sarah pulls Alyssa’s dress down to caress her breasts, sucking her diamond-hard nipples. She peels her pigtailed sweetheart’s cotton panties off and rubs her hot pussy, then kneels to lick her clit until she’s trembling through an intense orgasm. Alyssa’s not done yet, sitting with legs spread wide so Sarah can eat her to another, even more powerful climax. Now sexy Sarah strips in the sunshine, making Alyssa watch her masturbate before letting her lover fingerbang her shaved pussy. Alyssa goes down to lick Sarah skilfully, making her orgasm.