[01/23/2019] - Serendipity Episode 4 - Take A Chance - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

Sexy Sarah Smith strolls through the park reading her journal, and bumps into gorgeous Lindsey Cruz, as episode four of Nik Fox’s erotic series Serendipity begins. Lindsey takes Sarah home to ensure she’s ok, and her soothing touch turns amorous, their mutual attraction powerful. They kiss, gently at first, then more passionately, hands roaming over each other’s silky skin. Hot blonde Lindsey pulls off her sweater to reveal a black lace bodysuit, sliding a hand into Sarah’s jeans to stroke her pussy. She sucks Sarah’s toes as she undresses her, thrusting fingers into her shaved pussy, making her so horny. They roll over, Sarah sucking Lindsey’s stiff nipples as she frigs her, Lindsey gasping with pleasure as her new lover’s fingers push inside her shaved slit. Sarah goes face down ass up to lick her puffy clit, then lies back so Lindsey can straddle her face, riding to an intense orgasm. Sarah lies back in Lindsey’s arms to get fingered to a climax of her own, a sizzling end to their unexpected but highly satisfying lesbian encounter.