[11/15/2019] - Ride With Me - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

Sexy blonde Aislin is out on her bicycle, as Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie Ride With Me begins. When she stops on a railway bridge to fix her faulty bike chain, cute passerby Alya Stark offers to help, and the two hotties strike up an instant rapport. Back at Alya’s place, Aislin takes off her panties while her new friend fetches her toolbox. The sweet green-eyed brunette is surprised to get a flash of Aislin’s bare pussy, but returns her spontaneous kiss eagerly, and shivers with pleasure when Aislin pulls down her top to bare her beautiful breasts and sucks her stiff nipples, then slides a hand into her tiny shorts. Soon Aislin has the shorts off and is sucking on the puffy pink folds of Alya’s shaved pussy, and then easing a finger inside to frig her to a powerful climax. Now the busty blonde straddles Alya’s face to get her shaved pussy eaten. As Alya laps at her clit voraciously, her boobs bounce hypnotically while she shudders with pleasure. She dismounts and lies back with her thighs spread wide as Alya drives her to an intense orgasm.