[04/11/2019] - Midnight Love - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

Gorgeous Naomi Bennett awakens to find Marry Morgan still texting on her phone, as Nik Fox’s erotic movie Midnight Love begins. So seductive in her sexy lingerie, Naomi straddles her girlfriend and kisses her hungrily, tugging her lace top aside and squeezing her big beautiful breasts. She pulls Marry’s white panties away from her shaved pussy and spreads it open, licking and rubbing the hot pink interior, strumming her puffy clit and fingering her until she’s squirming with arousal. Marry turns onto her knees and Naomi grabs her swinging boobs and spanks her curvy ass, frigging her to an intense orgasm. Now Marry undresses pretty Naomi, lapping at her stiff nipples and luscious shaved pussy. Naomi folds double as Marry eats her until an overwhelming climax sweeps through her whole body.