[10/24/2019] - Helping Hands - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

Sexy blonde Kathy Anderson enjoys the view from her balcony, as Bree Parker’s hot lesbian movie Helping Hands begins. The horny MILF is watching Charli Red run in her tight yoga pants, but when the cute redhead trips and falls, Kathy rushes down to help her. Back in her apartment, Kathy tends to Charli’s grazed knee, then kisses her better. Charli responds enthusiastically as the tanned beauty strokes her through her cotton panties, then tugs them aside to eat her shaved pussy. Sucking and fingering avidly, she drives her new friend wild. Charli grabs and squeezes Kathy’s lovely breasts as she frigs her hard and fast from behind, licking her tight asshole until she has an intense orgasm. Kathy turns around, boobs jiggling as she rides Charli’s fingers to another climax, using her vibrating necklace to add to the overwhelming sensations. As soon as she’s caught her breath, Kathy uses the toy on Charli’s nipples and clit, making her cum explosively.