[12/28/2018] - Erotic Inspiration Episode 4 - Renewed Passion - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

Novelist Alyssa Reese lies in bed recollecting hot moments with her sexy ex-girlfriend Talia Mint, as episode four of Sandra Shine’s sizzling movie series Erotic Inspiration begins. Having flashed back on one of the many emotional incidents that drove them apart, Alyssa prepares to meet Talia for the first time in five years, touching herself as she recalls the good times. Any doubts the cute brunette has about their reunion immediately vanish when Talia walks through the door. They kiss, nervous and excited. Almost at once, Talia pushes Alyssa against the wall, tugs down her panties and starts eating her pussy. They undress frantically between kisses, sucking each other’s nipples, touching and caressing avidly. Alyssa kneels to lick and suck Talia’s shaved pussy, making her moan with ecstasy, then turns her around and spreads her ass cheeks. She impresses her lover with her new adventurousness as she laps at her tight asshole. Talia rubs her own clit as Alyssa rims her to orgasm, not giving her a chance to recover before driving her to a second, even more powerful one. They switch places and Alyssa grinds her pussy on Talia’s pretty face as she gets eaten to a climax that leaves her trembling and overwhelmed. Their affair rekindled, it’s clear that absence really does make the heart grow fonder – and the sex grow more intense.