[12/14/2018] - Erotic Inspiration Episode 2 - In Control - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

Sexy in black lingerie, horny writer Alyssa Reece awakens Lena Reif with her sensual touch, as episode two of Sandra Shine’s movie series Erotic Inspiration begins. Lena breathes heavily as her lover gently kisses and strokes her silky skin, playing with her nipples through her lacy bra, sucking them as they stiffen. Alyssa kisses her way down to Lena’s shaved pussy, slipping a hand into her white panties to diddle her. She grinds her own pussy against gorgeous Lena’s thigh as she frigs her, then straddles her face, humping against Lena’s talented tongue. She’s soon gasping with pleasure, tweaking her own nipples as she gets licked to a climax that makes her entire body tremble. Inspired by her orgasm, Alyssa’s mind races with erotic thoughts. She takes off one of her stockings and binds Lena’s wrists, then spreads her pussy open and licks her clit until she’s dripping wet. Grabbing a dildo, she spits on the bulbous tip and uses it to tease Lena’s pussy before easing it inside her. She fucks Lena steadily with the toy, licking her hypersensitive clit until she’s moaning. Rolling her ecstatic girlfriend onto her front, she continues dildo drilling her from behind, driving her to a powerful orgasm. Alyssa suddenly awakens, startled, realizing the experience was just a very hot dream… one that will no doubt inspire her next erotic story.