[12/07/2018] - Erotic Inspiration Episode 1 - One Night Stand - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

A chance encounter between hot brunette Alyssa Reece and sexy blonde Aislin takes a seductive turn in episode one of Sandra Shine’s movie series Erotic Inspiration. Alyssa, a Canadian author battling writer’s block, is in Budapest seeking inspiration. As she sips coffee on the sun-drenched banks of the Danube, Aislin, a gorgeous Latvian stranger, approaches to ask her the time. Small talk leads to city sightseeing, and the two end up at Alyssa’s place, kissing. Playfully, Aislin takes control, pushing Alyssa onto the bed and lying on top of her. She hikes up her new lover’s crisp white tee to expose her perfect breasts, and sucks on them, tongue circling the stiff, prominent nipples. Then Alyssa becomes bolder, stripping off Aislin’s top to return the favor. Aislin kisses her way down the brunette’s body, peeling off her jeans and red panties. This is really happening… muses Alyssa, splaying her legs to flaunt her shaved pussy lips and neatly trimmed bush. She strokes her own tits as Aislin tongues her clit, excitement sparking as they make eye contact. Soon, both girls are lost in pleasure and Alyssa cries out as Aislin licks her to orgasm. However, the blonde is just getting started. As Alyssa lies on her belly, gripping the sheets, Aislin eats her pussy and peachy butt even more voraciously, slurping and tongue-thrusting as she reams her from clit to asshole. The duo exchange a lingering, juice-flavored kiss, then Aislin gets naked, revealing perfect-handful breasts and a shaved pussy with sexy tanlines. Alyssa slides down to sit on the floor and Aislin stands over her, humping her snatch against the brunette’s tongue until she cums. They make out on the bed, nude bodies pressed together, then Aislin straddles Alyssa’s face. Alyssa, growing more confident with each lick, laps the blonde slowly, then tongue-lashes her soft folds. Aislin arches backward and Alyssa grabs her thighs, pinning her pussy in place as the blonde cums in her mouth, her beautiful breasts quivering. At last the pair are satisfied and share tender kisses and caresses – however, their hands soon begin to stray again. This may be just a one night stand, but neither girl will be getting any sleep tonight…