[07/23/2019] - Don't Look Now - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

Cute blonde Zazie S and her sexy brunette girlfriend Elina De Lion are watching a horror film, as Nik Fox’s erotic movie Don’t Look Now begins. The more frightened they get, the more they cling to each other; when it finishes, they relieve the tension by fooling around, and soon they are kissing tenderly as they undress each other. Zazie sucks her girlfriend’s pierced nipples, making her gasp with pleasure. She flips Elina onto her back and tugs her panties down, eating her shaved pussy skilfully. Elina goes wild when her sweetheart thrusts two wet fingers into her tight slit as she laps at her puffy clit, driving her to an intense orgasm. Now Zazie goes face down ass up for Elina to eat her from behind. Elina licks, rubs and sucks intently, fingering the adorable blonde until she’s shivering and moaning. She’s hungry for Elina again, licking and fingerbanging her, before lying in her arms to get frigged to a powerful climax.