[11/21/2019] - Coming Home - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

Cute platinum blonde Miss Melissa is enjoying a lazy day, as Sandra Shine’s erotic movie Coming Home begins. There’s nothing to eat so she orders takeout, and she is just enjoying her meal when her roommate Emma Fantazy arrives home. The hot brunette wants to eat too, but at first Melissa refuses to share; she relents when Emma apologizes for not doing the grocery shopping, kissing her sweetly and then hungrily. Emma pulls Melissa’s dress down and sucks her stiffening nipples, then slips off her panties and begins to lick her shaved pussy, paying particular attention to her prominent clit. Perching up on the dining table, Melissa moans with pleasure as Emma eats her ravenously. The lesbian lovers move to the bedroom, where Melissa lies back on the sheets as Emma resumes lapping at her juicy pussy until she’s going wild. Now Emma straddles her in a sexy sixty-nine, the gorgeous girls eating each other voraciously. Melissa is first to cum, before Emma rides her face to a powerful orgasm. Both thoroughly sated, their meal is forgotten…