[04/25/2019] - Coffee And Kisses - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

Gorgeous blonde Adora Rey awakens and makes coffee for her sweetheart, as Coffee and Kisses by new Viv Thomas director Xanthus begins. Cute redhead Ginger Mary is delighted to welcome her girlfriend back to bed, gazing at her adoringly and running her hands over the blonde’s beautiful naked body. They kiss tenderly, cups set aside as Adora caresses Ginger’s lovely breasts and sucks her nipples, then goes down to lick her shaved pussy. The petite redhead moans and bits her lip as pleasure courses through her, rocking her hips up to rub against her lover’s tongue. They move into a sixty-nine with Adora on top, feeding her stiff nipples into Ginger’s mouth, then lapping at her clit while Ginger eats her juicy pussy. Adora lies back to get licked some more, before they switch to scissors, grinding to a breathless mutual climax, a perfect start to their day.