Venice Scene 1 - Carnevale - Viv Thomas

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39889 - Synopsis: Venice starts with some deliciously decadent erotic imagery – four masked beauties in sexy lingerie, caressing each other with long, lingering touches. We then see two of them, Candy Sweet and Rosaline Rosa, take the intimacy up another notch as they kiss passionately. Candy is straddling Rosaline, her bottom in the air and her hand inside Rosaline's lace panties, teasing her to wetness. She pulls off Rosaline's bra, squeezing her perfect breasts and sucking the nipples, and Rosaline does the same to her. Candy removes Rosaline's panties and spreads her stocking-clad thighs, going down for a first taste of her creamy slot. She parts the folds of Rosaline's pussy with wet fingers, sucking and probing more deeply as the gorgeous brunette's pleasure mounts. Rosaline turns over so Candy can lick her asshole and pussy from behind, driving her all the way to orgasm. Then she goes down to eat Candy's juice-soaked slot. She diddles Candy expertly, thumb circling on her clit as she flicks her tongue over the hot pink sweetness. Candy pulls her knees up to her chest to give Rosaline even deeper access to her sugar walls. Candy perches up on the back of the sofa, legs spread wide, giving us a superb view of Rosaline's pussy and ass from behind as she indulges her lover. Candy's slender body undulates as the horny sensations overwhelm her. As the scene draws to a close, we are transported back to the fourway fondling that sparked this encounter, wondering who will pair up next...

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Download this from Viv Thomas