Vacancy Episode 3 - Lacuna - Viv Thomas

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40156 - Synopsis: Letting agent Ava Courcelles looks simply stunning as she takes off her see-through black babydoll negligee and gets dressed in sexy lingerie. She touches herself sensuously inside her panties as she fantasizes about Anissa Kate, one of her clients. We see her fantasy, of Anissa unbuttoning her dress to reveal her beautiful big breasts and letting Ava stroke and squeeze them. The idea becomes too strong for Ava to resist, and she creeps into Anissa’s apartment, unbuttoning her shirt as she lies sleeping on the couch. Anissa is woken by Ava’s lips around her nipple, and responds to her caresses with rising passion. Ava peels off Anissa’s panties and goes down to lick her pussy, making her quiver with excitement. Anissa straddles Ava, pressing her breasts in her face as she rides her fingers to an orgasm that makes her ass jiggle. Now Anissa undresses Ava, kissing her hungrily and eating her pussy, turning her over to do her from behind and then fingering her ass as she rubs herself to orgasm.

Download this video from Viv Thomas
Download this from Viv Thomas