Summer Fun Episode 2 - Satisfy - Viv Thomas

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41617 - Synopsis: Gorgeous girlfriends Miranda Miller and Sofia Curly fall out during a game of garden badminton in episode two of Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian series “Summer Fun,” but soon resolve their differences with succulent kisses and sweet melon. Miranda lies back and Sofia pulls up her top to lick and suck the erect nipples of her sexy breasts. When busty Sofia yanks off Miranda’s shorts, tugs aside her white panties and trails her tongue along the crease of her shaved pussy, her cute brunette lover closes her eyes in ecstasy. Sofia teases Miranda’s clit with a spit-lubed thumb, before splaying her labia wide and probing her juicy hole deeply with her tongue. Once Miranda is naked, she lies with her hot ass up, so Sofia can frig her slowly and eat her pussy from behind. Still double digit fingering Miranda’s soaked pussy, Sofia suddenly buries her face between the cheeks of her ass and starts rimming her puckered asshole. It’s a move that drives Miranda wild and tips her over the edge into a deeply satisfying orgasm. Pausing only to kiss, so Miranda can savor her own flavor from her sweetheart’s lips, Sofia strips naked. Miranda squeezes and jiggles her girlfriend’s big, beautiful breasts, then laps eagerly at her shaved pussy. Sofia moans with pleasure as Miranda licks and finger-bangs her avidly, all the way to an intense orgasm. Sated and still reeling with sexual delight, the cute lesbian lovers kiss passionately and head inside for more “Summer Fun.”

Download this video from Viv Thomas
Download this from Viv Thomas