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67536 - Gorgeous Aislin is having fun with her webcam, as Alex Iskan’s hot lesbian movie "Sexy Tutor" begins. But when she starts to masturbate for the camera, she is interrupted by a knock at the door. It’s her adorable neighbor Hayli Sanders, who has locked herself out of her apartment. Aislin reluctantly lets her inside, where the curious cutie soon discovers the webcam show, and persuades Aislin to teach her how to do it. Turned on by the seductive moves, Hayli grabs her new friend for a spontaneous kiss, and finally gets her way as Aislin succumbs to her charms. The beautiful blonde kneels to devour Hayli’s shaved pussy ravenously, driving her wild. Hayli sucks Aislin’s nipples, then pushes her against the wall and eats her from behind. When Aislin’s legs are trembling, Hayli tosses her onto the sofa, using her talented fingers and tongue to make her orgasm. Now Aislin fingerbangs Hayli to an intense climax, before sitting on her face in a passionate sixty-nine so they can lick each other in unison. They don’t stop until they are both utterly sated; and naughty Hayli finally admits that she has been a fan of Aislin’s shows for quite some time.

Download this video from Viv Thomas
Download this from Viv Thomas