Sex Message III Scene 2 - Enlighten - Viv Thomas

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39979 - Synopsis: Pretty Alexis Crystal stands halfway up the stairs, texting her lover. Uma looks so pretty in pink as she responds with sexy messages of her own… and Alexis is fantasizing so powerfully that a moment later, her beautiful girlfriend is there in the flesh, looking super-sexy in a figure-hugging dress, stockings and heels. The girls kiss hungrily, Alexis already rubbing the hot spot between Uma’s thighs. She pulls Uma down to sit on her face, and then Uma yanks Alexis’ hose and panties down around her ankles so she can frig her to an explosive orgasm. Uma, now drenched in sweat, goes down to eat Alexis’ juiced-up pussy, then turns her around and tongues her asshole. After her second powerful climax, Alexis gives Uma a licking that has her rocking her hips and throwing her head back in ecstasy. Uma sits on her face again and grinds her way to an orgasm that leaves her utterly spent.

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