Sex Message II Scene 3 - Viv Thomas

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39871 - Synopsis: Do you fantasize about Blue Angel?  You certainly wouldn't be alone. The Hungarian honey is one of the most popular babes ever to make movies for VT, and with good reason – her beautiful blue eyes, soft curves and voracious appetite for sex are once seen, never forgotten. In scene three of SexMessage II, gorgeous brunette Hanna Sweet is sexting Bluey, who looks utterly delicious as she sits in the sun in her swimsuit, smiling at Hanna's flirtatious messages. As Hanna masturbates to her steamy desires, we get to see them become reality – Blue Angel appears in the room, and she can't wait to get her hands on her lover! The girls look so sexy in their pretty lingerie as they kiss, Bluey tugging the lace covering away from Hanna's fantastic breasts so she can squeeze and suck the stiff nipples. Soon she has Hanna naked and is down between her thighs, her ass high in the air as she tongues Hanna's wet spot. Bluey always gives great eye contact, and the way she gazes up at Hanna as she eats her is extremely arousing! She turns Hanna onto her side so she can lick her asshole too, then fingers her all the way to an orgasm that racks her whole body. Hanna sucks Bluey's hard nipples, then eases off her panties so she can devour her from behind. She licks her ass and fingers her pussy vigorously, getting her really wet, then flips her over onto her back so she can eat her some more. The girls move into a sexy 69, Hanna on top with her sticky pink slit spread wide open as they eat each other to mutual bliss. We should all enjoy such powerful fantasies!

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Download this from Viv Thomas