Sex Message Episode 1 - Private - Viv Thomas

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41455 - Synopsis: Gorgeous Francys Belle is distracted from her work by cute Jenny Ferri’s flirtatious texts, as episode one of Andrej Lupin’s steamy “Sex Message IV” begins. Francys is immediately turned on, and responds with a text of her own. Jenny looks so sweet and innocent lying on her bed in her white cotton panties, but when she tugs down her T-shirt it’s to reveal a stiff, pierced nipple. She masturbates rapidly but still wants more, picturing herself reunited with her irresistible lover. In her fantasy, Francys’s perfect ass hovers over Jenny’s hips as they kiss hungrily, sucking on each other’s lips. Francys inserts two fingers into Jenny’s shaved, juicy pussy and curls them toward her sensitive clit. She licks her skillfully, slowing down the rhythm of her thrusting fingers, then picking up speed again. Jenny lets out horny little moans as Francys licks her tight asshole, spreading wetness all along Jenny’s slit. After Jenny cums, Francys moves into spoons to finger bang Jenny even more vigorously, then straddles her face, grinding on her probing tongue. Her body tenses and shakes as Jenny’s tongue explores her luscious folds. She has a powerful orgasm, then goes face down, ass up for Jenny to lick her asshole and frig her pussy to another intense climax.

Download this video from Viv Thomas
Download this from Viv Thomas