Sandra's Sporty Girls Episode 2 - The Trainer - Viv Thomas

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40831 - Synopsis: Slender cutie Ginger Fox visits fitness trainer Nataly Gold to ask for help getting in shape, as episode two of “Sandra’s Sporty Girls” begins. Nataly can see Ginger is already very fit, but she is more than happy to get her hands on the pretty girl’s firm physique as she plans a training regime for her. After watching Ginger work out, Nataly can’t resist kissing her, tentatively at first but with rapidly growing passion. She pulls Ginger’s top up to bare her small, pert breasts, sucking her nipples, then peels down her skintight yoga pants. Nataly lies back on the weights bench and Ginger straddles her face to get her shaved pussy licked, rocking her hips as Nataly’s tongue pushes between her pink folds. Ginger tugs down Nataly’s tiny shorts and eats her skilfully, Nataly’s nipples rock hard as Ginger’s tongue drives her wild. Ginger sits on Nataly’s face again, this time in a sixty-nine so she can spread Nataly’s juicy snatch open and thrust two fingers deep inside. Nataly has to break off from eating Ginger as an intense orgasm hits her; when she’s caught her breath she has Ginger lie back so she can lick her slowly and deliberately, making her gasp and shudder to a climax of her own.

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