[10/23/2015] - Roommate Obsession Episode 3 - Veneration - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

Synopsis: Anita B can’t sleep because her roommate is playing music so loudly. She hammers on the wall to no avail, then goes to see what Mona Kim is doing. She’s taken aback to see Mona dancing in just her underwear, and returns to her room. When she goes back for another look, Mona creeps up behind her and begins to touch her, stroking her firm ass and then pulling down her panties and fingering her pussy. Anita undresses Mona, kissing her passionately, sucks her stiff nipples, then goes down to eat and finger her pussy. Mona goes heels over head and Anita fingers her ass until she climaxes hard. Mona diddles Anita to an orgasm, then flips her over and finger-bangs her ass. Anita straddles Mona’s face and rides to another climax.