Ride - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

Sexy blonde Aislin is late for an appointment, and hitches a "Ride" on a motorbike from a friendly passerby. As Adel Morel’s erotic lesbian movie begins, Aislin thanks Hayli Sanders in her own special way, kissing her passionately and unzipping her protective jacket to discover she’s wearing nothing but a black lace bra beneath it. Pushing Hayli onto the bed, Aislin sucks her nipples, then straddles her face to get her shaved pussy licked. She peels off Hayli’s skintight leggings and eats her pussy voraciously, adding fingers in her juicy slot to drive her wild. After making Hayli orgasm, Aislin sits on her face again, clinging to the headboard as she grinds on her new lover’s tongue. Hayli uses both hands to frig Aislin to a mindblowing climax; gasping for breath in each other’s arms, they enjoy mutual masturbation and one more orgasm each. No doubt they’ll be hooking up again...

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