[03/09/2018] - Redolence Episode 4 - Desire - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

Synopsis: Sexual tension flows between cute photographer’s assistant Anie Darling and stunning model Jenny Manson in episode four of Andrej Lupin’s tantalizing “Redolence.” When they are left alone together in the studio, Anie makes her move, lifting shy Jenny’s mood with sensual touches and passionate kisses. She unhooks Jenny’s sexy white corset and squeezes her beautiful breasts, pulling off her own top and encouraging Jenny to touch her. Naked, the adorable brunette slides her hand between Jenny’s thighs, then pushes her against the wall and kneels to eat her shaved slit, tongue flicking rapidly over her wet pink folds. Jenny spins around and Anie licks her tight asshole and thrusts a thumb into her pussy. She finger-bangs the hot blonde to an orgasm that makes her knees buckle, then leads her to the sofa, sits and spreads her legs wide. Jenny goes down to eat her tempting pussy with its shaved lips and neatly trimmed black bush. Anie holds her legs high and strums her clit as Jenny licks her pussy and asshole; when she slides her thumb into Anie’s spread pussy, her new lover is overwhelmed by an intense climax.