Private Practice Episode 1 - Covert - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

Synopsis: Alis Locanta’s exciting reimagining of a Viv Thomas classic begins with patient Alexa Thomas waking, with nurse Lexi Lowe at her bedside. Alexa recounts her story in Spanish as the nurse helps her into her vest and panties, lifting her out of bed and sliding her skimpy briefs up over her hips, following them with a pair of shorts. With Lexi’s help, Alexa moves slowly, each step a triumph. Later, when Alexa is sleeping again, her dreams are filled with sexual thoughts, and soon she is writhing in her sleep, her hands wandering over her body. Nurse Lexi watches, amused. Alexa is dreaming of Lexi’s touch, of kissing the blonde babe passionately. In her dreams, she is taking off the nurse’s gown and fondling Lexi’s large breasts. Lexi obligingly bends over and allows the patient to take off her panties and spit on her asshole, pushing a glass butt plug inside her ass. Kneeling before Alexa, Lexi fingers herself to orgasm, staring up at her lover’s face as she comes hard, her juices spreading out over her thighs. Back in the land of reality, the patient has no idea she is fingering herself to an orgasm right in front of the woman of her dreams. Later, Alexa wakes and calls for her nurse, who appears in the doorway and, without a word, takes off her gown and removes her underwear. She climbs onto the bed with Alexa and kisses her passionately, caressing her breasts. They kiss hungrily, wanting more. This time, the nurse helps her patient out of her clothes, sucking on her nipples, making them stiff between her lips. Lexi pulls Alexa’s panties off and tongues her clit and labia, Alexa’s moans a sign of encouragement. Nurse knows best, guiding two fingers into the patient’s pussy, fucking her slowly, watching intently as Alexa moans in ecstasy. Then our nurse rides her lover’s face, fucking her mouth with her tight slit. Alexa’s dreams come true, in a way, when Lexi smears her spit over Alexa’s asshole, easing a finger inside her ass. She adds a second to drive the patient wild with desire. Together they play with Alexa’s slit and clit as her orgasm bursts from within.

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