Our Story Episode 1 - Oral Sex - Viv Thomas

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41020 - Synopsis: Sexy Spanish redhead Amarna Miller wakes up to catch her gorgeous, big-breasted Greek girlfriend Inna Innaki getting dressed, as the first episode of Alis Locanta’s sizzling “Our Story” begins. Amarna entices Inna to join her on the bed, and, just as she’d hoped, once they are kissing, Amarna’s naked body pressed against her, Inna changes her mind about leaving. She sucks on Amarna’s tiny tits and dives between her spread thighs, using her lips to tug on the triangle of fuzz above Amarna’s shaved pussy. Amarna moans with arousal as Inna devours her, flicking her tongue up and down her slit, sucking hard on her clit while her tongue slides deep inside the soaked honey hole. Amarna writhes beneath Inna’s penetrating tongue, and she kisses her hot lover to taste her own juices from her lips. She gets on her knees, thrusting her ass out for Inna to eat her some more, strings of saliva and pussy cream dripping from her lips. Amarna turns onto her back, Inna licking her shiny pink slit until she’s overwhelmed by an intense orgasm. Now Amarna undresses Inna, sucking her big breasts and clamping her mouth on her shaved pussy, drilling her tongue deep inside. Amarna spreads Inna’s plump lips apart with her tongue and eats her avidly, then turns her onto all fours, making her magnificent ass quiver like jello. Amarna’s skilful licking makes her climax noisily, and the lovers embrace, utterly sated.

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