[05/11/2016] - Mature Attraction Episode 3 - Sophisticated - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

Synopsis: Lena Love is staying at her friend Dorothy Black’s house, but feels guilty about having allowed Dorothy’s daughter Violette Pink to seduce her. She calls Dorothy to say she has to leave, but when she goes to say goodbye to the sleeping Violette she is overcome with lust at the thought of what they did. She eats Violette to a powerful climax, then orders her to get up as she watches and masturbates. Both are turned on by Lena suddenly taking the dominant role. Lena straddles Violette’s face to gets eaten, then goes face down, ass up to get fingered as she rubs her own clit and urges Violette on. Violette licks her until she is breathless and trembling with pleasure, then lies back to get tongued expertly. Lena slides a curved dildo into Violette’s ass, fucking her to an intense orgasm. The open ending suggests the connection between this pair is emotional as much as physical…