Lingerie Obsession Episode 1 - Alluring - Viv Thomas

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40309 - Synopsis: Cara St Germain caresses her lovely lingerie-clad body teasingly over the opening credits, before we see gorgeous Alexa Tomas speaking to her on the phone as she sorts through some pretty panties. When they are reunited, Alexa performs a sexy striptease for her lover, removing her skintight dress to reveal thong panties, stockings and a garterbelt. She wriggles out of the panties and Cara caresses her long legs, then goes down to lap at her clit and slide a couple of fingers into her juiced-up pussy. Alexa moves into doggy position and Cara eats her from behind, giving her a powerful orgasm and then fingering her to an even more explosive one. Cara is distracted by a phone message from work, but Alexa gets her attention by lifting her skirt, pulling down her bright pink panties, and bending her over the table. She eats Cara’s pussy ravenously and fingers her until she is delirious with pleasure.

Download this video from Viv Thomas
Download this from Viv Thomas