Lingerie Lovers - Viv Thomas

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58918 - Sexy redhead Jia Lissa and her cute blonde girlfriend Lika Star are wrapped in towels, choosing underwear for each other, as Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie Lingerie Lovers begins. Lika picks out red lace for Jia, admiring her gorgeous body as she puts it on. Jia selects a tiny black thong and mesh bra for Lika. They stand together at the full-length mirror, studying their reflections with pleasure. Next, Jia chooses a pretty flowered lingerie set for Lika, followed by strappy panties that leave her curvy ass exposed. They touch playfully as they dress up, until Jia can’t take any more teasing, and pushes her girlfriend up against the mirror to kiss her. She caresses Lika’s lovely small breasts and sucks her nipples, squeezes her ass, and licks her way down to her shaved pussy. Lika moans with excitement as Jia starts to eat her pussy slowly and sensually, tongue flickering over her puffy clit to drive her wild. Jia spins Lika around and eats her from behind, giving her a powerful orgasm. Now Lika is eager for a taste of her lover’s sweetness, peeling off Jia’s panties and nuzzling her natural red bush as she eats her pussy voraciously. Jia tugs at her stiff nipples as Lika pushes her onto the bed and licks her to an intense climax.

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