[11/03/2017] - Instant Attraction Episode 1 - Sail Away - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

Synopsis: Cute Daphne Klyde and Shrima Malati have a chance encounter at a riverside café, as episode one of Sandra Shine’s sizzling movie “Instant Attraction” begins. After chatting and flirting, the two gorgeous raven-haired babes board Shrima’s boat. Daphne takes off her top, her white bikini contrasting beautifully with her silky, tanned skin as Shrima steers them to a quiet stretch of water. She strips down to her bikini and acts on her attraction, nuzzling Daphne’s neck. Daphne responds eagerly, kissing and fondling Shrima, lying back so Shrima can tug her bikini top aside and suck on her puffy nipples. Daphne flicks her pierced tongue over Shrima’s diamond hard nipples, making her smile with horny excitement. She tugs Daphne’s bikini panties aside and licks her pierced clit, pushing her tongue right into her new lover’s shaved pussy, making her gasp and writhe with pleasure. Shrima straddles Daphne’s face and grinds her hot, wet pussy on her mouth, rocking her hips to ride the horny sensations. She turns around into a sixty-nine, the undulations of their body in synch with the rhythm of the rocking boat, as they feast on each other’s sweetness. Daphne cries out as she orgasms with an all-consuming rush of sexual pleasure. She kneels to lick and rub Shrima’s wet slit, tipping her headlong into a powerful climax. As Shrima steers them back to shore, you’re left wondering if it was a one-time encounter, or the start of a beautiful relationship…