[07/08/2015] - Goodbye My Love Episode 4 - Indemnity - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

Synopsis: Freckled French fox Tiffany Doll looks lovingly at Leila Smith, who is in bed beside her. She tries not to disturb Leila’s slumber as she rises and starts to dress in her sexy outfit, then thinks twice and changes to a casual sweater and cut-offs belonging to Leila instead. As Leila begins to stir, Tiffany kisses her tenderly and slides a hand beneath the covers to tease her. Leila begins to touch herself. Tiffany is leaving, but still indecisive, she just can’t bring herself to go. Instead she goes back to the bedroom and rouses Leila with a hot kiss. Leila is amused to find Tiffany wearing her clothes, and insists she takes them off, as they kiss and caress with rising passion. They rub each other’s pussy and Tiffany goes down to lap at Leila’s juicy pink folds, driving her wild by thrusting a couple of fingers in and out as she licks. Then she moves onto her knees, her peachy ass high in the air so Leila can eat her from behind. Leila straddles Tiffany’s face, then pins her down with her legs right back and her pussy exposed for a frantic tongue-lashing. Both already on the brink, they finger each other to an explosive simultaneous orgasm.