Exposed - Viv Thomas

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73803 - Cute brunette Purr Simona lingers over her morning ablutions, as Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie "Exposed" begins. After showering, she’s naked at the window when she suddenly realizes she’s been spotted by a passerby. Her sexy blonde girlfriend Sata Jones finds her alarm amusing, and they are soon giggling together as Sata ups the ante by exposing her gorgeous body too. Simona closes the drapes hastily as they start to kiss; she pushes her sweetheart onto the sofa playfully, hands exploring. Kissing her way down, Simona sucks Sata’s hard nipples, making her arch her back with arousal, then nuzzles her landing strip as she starts to lick her clit. Simona eats Sata’s pussy skilfully, making her moan, and then straddles her face to get licked. Pinching her puffy nipples and grinding her shaved sex on Sata’s face, Simona has a powerful orgasm. She spins around into a sixty-nine so she can resume eating Sata’s pussy, driving her to an intense climax before cumming again herself.

Download this video from Viv Thomas
Download this from Viv Thomas