Don't Stop Episode 1 - Persevere - Viv Thomas

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40195 - Synopsis: When Tiffany Doll and Henessy get indoors they are clearly eager to touch each other, although Tiffany teases her lover by making her wait. They undress and kiss hungrily, but they are interrupted when Henessy’s phone bleeps and she goes to check it. Tiffany lies back on the sofa and Henessy begins to stroke her pussy and suck her nipples, then goes down to eat her skilfully. Tiffany turns onto her side so Henessy can lick her ass and then finger it to a powerful orgasm. They move to the bedroom and Henessy straddles Tiffany’s face and rides her probing tongue, then lies back to get licked some more. Tiffany fingers and licks Henessy’s pussy vigorously; then does the same to her tight ass as Henessy rubs her own pussy, all the way to a mindblowing climax. The girls begin to get dressed and get on with their day, still glowing from their orgasms…

Download this video from Viv Thomas
Download this from Viv Thomas