Bottoms Up Episode 4 - Charming - Viv Thomas

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41554 - Synopsis: Sexy blonde Zazie S nibbles at Tatalila Shi’s sweet ass cheeks to entice her away from her studies, as episode four of Sandra Shine’s steamy “Bottoms Up” series begins. Tatalila is finally distracted by Zazie’s hot kisses, returning them with growing passion as Zazie peels off her T-shirt and sucks her stiffening nipples. Zazie gets topless too and rubs her pert breasts against her girlfriend’s, before pushing her onto her back on the rug and stroking her through her pristine white panties. Getting her sweetheart naked, Zazie laps at the slick slit of her succulent pussy, spreading her open and pushing her tongue inside the pretty pink folds. She straddles Tatalila’s face in a sixty-nine, the cute brunette pulling her panties aside to lick her hot pussy avidly. She slides her tongue up to Zazie’s asshole, pushing it inside, making Zazie gasp and moan with pleasure. Zazie reaches back and spreads her cheeks to pull her ass open for Tatalila’s probing tongue, then thrusts two fingers deep inside the tight pucker to fuck herself as she rides her girlfriend’s tongue. Zazie orgasms hard, landing face down on Tatalila’s pussy as she collapses forward. She immediately starts sucking and licking, pausing to pepper kisses over her girlfriend’s entire body. She turns Tatalila over and buries her face between her quivering ass cheeks, rimming her to an intense climax.

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