Bottoms Up Episode 3 - Loosen Up - Viv Thomas

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41551 - Synopsis: Gorgeous blonde Katy Sky lures Gina Ferocious away from her book, as episode three of Sandra Shine’s erotic anal play series “Bottom’s Up” begins. As cute Gina rocks in a hammock in the garden, Katy smothers her with kisses, bares her beautiful breasts, and teases her nipples to stiffness with her fingers and tongue. Tugging off Gina’s denim shorts, Katy trails her wet tongue along the slit of her sweetheart’s shaved pussy. Gina moans as Katy probes between her fleshy folds, the joyous expression on her face communicating how much she loves the taste of her girlfriend’s pussy. Gina turns onto her hip to expose her tight asshole, which gapes open as Katy eats her pussy even more voraciously. Overwhelmed with pleasure, Gina licks her finger and thrusts it into her own asshole, frigging herself feverishly, the powerful stimulation driving her to an orgasm that makes her whole body tremble. Now Gina fondles Katy’s fantastic breasts, strips her naked and kneels to lick her shaved pussy. Katy rubs her own clit as Gina’s tongue explores her pussy, turning around to get eaten from behind, gasping as her lover drives her to a breathless climax.

Download this video from Viv Thomas
Download this from Viv Thomas