Behind The Scenes: Felicia Vina On Location - Viv Thomas

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73980 - Cute Felicia Vina talks to director Sandra Shine immediately after shooting her first ever adult movie, "Bedtime Story." The sweet Ukrainian brunette reveals that she loves sex, and started making amateur porn with her girlfriend at the start of the pandemic, just for fun. Shooting her first professional movie with Lee Anne was a great experience, which really comes across on screen. She is bisexual and craves intimacy with both men and women; she feels girls are more romantic, but she loves the passion and vigorous sex she gets from guys. She is turned on by natural girls, and values chemistry over looks. She is very open-minded and loves sex parties and bdsm. Smart as well as sexy, she studied biology and biochemistry at university, before discovering that making porn was more fun – now her ambition is to be a sex coach!

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Download this from Viv Thomas